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Social Media Content Ideas

On average, people spend 2 hours or more on social media every day. In one year, that equals to 730 hours spent scrolling through the feeds, liking pictures and commenting on the significant ones. You can get a world of information on social media and not only does it present the information in an organized and aesthetic way but it also makes the presentation interesting, making the users addicted to it. People, especially young adults, are so invested in social media nowadays as it is their main medium of communication. It is a platform where they stay up to date about the trends around the world and flaunt their best sides there, hoping to gain some kind of recognition from the people that follow them. Having all these people on social media, many social media companies in Malaysia target to attract audiences here and through their contents, they would prove their worth to the people on social media. In order to help them improve their contents, this article would list down two content ideas for anyone who wishes to get as many likes on their social media. check out this link on tips to improve your study.

1 – Consistent content 

This is something quite popular in social media where there will be a daily or weekly series of a topic. For example, you can make a daily or weekly horror story time. Every Friday for every week, let’s say, your audience can post their stories in the comments and the one with the best story would be the winner, where their story would be featured on the company’s blog or other social media. It would bring more audience to not only the social media but also the company’s blog. You can even share your favourite restaurants with some hashtags and encourage your audience to do the same. Other users who don’t follow you can click on the hashtags and they will most probably be directed to your social media which would be a great marketing strategy. This idea works because it would foster a connection between you and your audience and allow a sense of trust and comfort with them. However, if you are skeptical by this idea, you can find social marketing services in Malaysia that can advise you more on this.  

The Eight Best Types of Social Media for Advertising 1 - Social Media Content Ideas

2 – Contest or giveaway 

Contest has proven to attract bigger audiences a lot more often because it involves a reward at the end. The bigger the reward, the more people it will attract. That is just how the world works. Many companies with products of their own do this so if you have products you would like to advertise, make sure to include this in your social media content ideas. If you are looking forward to growing faster, having contests or giveaways would be an immense help to your growth. Make sure to apply terms and conditions to the contest so that there will be rules the audience can abide by and give them the access to any questions they would have regarding the contest. If they leave it at the comments, it would be a mess so provide another space where they can ask their questions. Make the contest as creative as possible. 

These ideas are very basic but the most impactful on social media. It would be worth your time to try it and monitor the traffic to your social media platform. Growth takes time so don’t be disheartened if there is no immediate result but keep being consistent and one day, all your effort will be fruitful. You can click here to learn more on social marketing services Malaysia.  

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