Look Out Point offers a unique dining experience to visitors. At over 280m above sea level, thousands of patrons enjoy gastronomic delights while gazing at the magnificent view of the Kuala Lumpur Skyline.

The Best Thing Parents Can Do For Their Children

Being a parent and raising a child is not an easy job. It is not exaggerating to say that it is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Being a parent is a lifetime job that requires a full commitment to your children. However, it can’t be… Read More

How QR Code Ordering can be Beneficial to the Customers and the Business Owners

Have you heard about the QR code ordering system Malaysia? If you have not been using this in your business, I say you should start learning about this as this might solve a lot of your dilemmas, especially at times when you lack manpower. What is QR code… Read More

How to Make the Right Cookware Choices

Because there are so many cookware choices available at any given kitchen store, it might be difficult to know which one to choose.  Is there a way to tell which pots and pans are essential and which aren’t? There are several common traits that you should check for… Read More

LRT office space for rent, equipped and ready to use, in a beautiful environment

The quality of your work should be consistently high, hence we highly advise you to do frequent inspections. For the first three months, offices are inspected once a month; after that, they are inspected once a year for the duration of the first year and afterwards. Everything in… Read More

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