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Strange Robots Who Are Active In Our World Right Now

When you think of robots, what comes to mind? A boxy, metal friend who goes beep beep? A terrifying, muscular, Terminator-type thing with guns in hand and murder on the mind? A faraway utopian future served by machines, or conversely, a horrific post-robot apocalypse dystopia where humanity has been usurped or enslaved? 

The concept of ‘robots’ has saturated pop culture and sci-fi movies since the olden days; whether they be benign or evil or simply neutral helpers of mankind. When people think of advanced, humanoid robots as they are portrayed in film, they usually imagine them as some kind of far-off possibility – a product of a fantastical, but still very distant, technologically-advanced future. Instead, most people imagine our current ‘robots’ are simply the devices machines we see and handle on a day-to-day basis – phones, laptops, cranes, or maybe industrial machines hooked up to patlite tower lamp in Malaysia…and that’s about as ‘advanced’ as we can get. But if you’re looking for more on patlite tower lamp in Malaysia, you can shop here for patlite tower lamp in Malaysia

However, you might be surprised to know that advanced robots have already been made fairly recently. And even more shockingly, a lot of them are actually in operation right now. 

Here are some strange robots who are active in our world right now. 

1. The Three Samsung Bots (Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Care, Samsung Bot Retail)

Introduced by Samsung in 2019, the three Samsung bots – Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Care, and Samsung Bot Retail – are three advanced and incredibly cute companion robots.

Firstly, Samsung Bot Care is an adorable white robot that is vaguely penguin shaped, with a flat head screen that displays it’s cute beady eyes. As it’s name suggests, Samsung Bot Care was made to ‘care’ for it’s human companions – it is a medical health support robot that can follow you around your house and cater to your medical needs. With it’s white body and adorable design, it’s basically a smaller, less sentient Baymax come to life – and who doesn’t want a little robot buddy to help them with their healthcare? 

Next, Samsung Bot Air is a boxier robot that is comparatively smaller but no less cute. With adorable, unassuming eyes that can change expressions while cleaning, Samsung Bot Air is a robot made for cleaning and purifying the air. With it around, you don’t have to worry about unwanted pollutants wafting about your house, and despite it’s boxy size it is fully capable of moving from room to room on it’s own. 

Finally, Samsung Bot Retail is a taller and sleeker robot with a large screen display installed over the length of it’s body. Meant for retail purposes, Samsung Bot Retail can help customers with their orders and purchases via the large screen on it’s front, and can also help retailers send said orders to the customers via the shelf installed in it’s back. It is also capable of interaction, and scrolls about from customer to customer to help them with their retail needs. 

2. Sophia 

robotsophia - Strange Robots Who Are Active In Our World Right Now

From the adorably cute to the vaguely uncanny, we introduce Sophia the robot to our list. Perhaps one of the most well-known robots of the world, Sophia is a more life-like looking robot made by Hanson Robotics in 2016, with a face crafted to specifically resemble a normal-looking human and a humanoid body that can also be clad in ordinary clothes. The only thing that detracts from her otherwise human appearance is the typically-exposed robotic cranial cavity at the back of her head, which exposes her internal wiring and therefore her true robotic nature. 

Even more uncanny is Sophia’s ability to mimic human speech, gesture, and communication. Capable of holding human conversation on her own, Sophia has attended many interviews around the globe and has stunned people everywhere with her sophisticated machinations and overly-human capabilities. Sophia is an incredibly complex and social robot, and perhaps the first step humanity has taken to a world of life-like robots.  

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