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Tattoo Facts You Need To Know

When we want to do something for the first time, and we know that there are known downsides on it, we surely want to dig more so we will benefit from it and not experience the said downsides. Yes, that is the case when it comes to having a tattoo. You might be interested to have one on as well since you are here and just like any first timers, you might also want to learn more about tattoos so you will decide if you should have this or not. 

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Facts about tattoos:

  • According to some stats, there are actually more women who have a tattoo than men. For sure you are surprised as when we talk about tattoos, you might right away imagine those brusque men who look frightening. But that is not the case actually as women love tattoos more than men in reality. 
  • There are some talks that some tattoo providers actually use urine when it comes to mixing colors. This is because according to them, urine is better wen it comes to holding antiseptic properties. But you need not worry as that is not the case in most of KL’s best tattoo parlours. You can be sure that you are safe from anybody’s urine if you will have your tattoo there. 
  • Before you decide to have a tattoo, be sure that you know how the process is done as you might backout halfway. Yes, this is a painful process and in fact, once you are in it, you can expect that your skin will be pierced by a needle about 50 to 3k times per minute. And this will even depend on the kind of design you have. of course, it goes without saying that the more complicated the designs, the more that the tattoo application will run longer. 
  • The tattoo ink is directly injected to the second layer of your skin and the first layer will act as the shield. This is why, the needle should pierce a little deeper and thus, the process is a little bit painful. 
  • Up until now, even when tattoo is not as condoned as it was before, you will find that some religions don’t still approve this. They still find this a little bit offensive. This is why before you have this kind of art, you should first inquire the religion you are part of if this is okay. 
  • Do you know that the color black is the easiest to remove? That is right and this is because during the removal process, this color easily absorbs more laser waves and thus it is easily removed as well. So, it goes without saying that if you are just using black tattoo, you will have lesser problems when you want to have the tattoo removed later on. 

Yes, it is just right that you dig more about tattoos first before having it on your skin. After all, we are talking about your precious skin here and thus, you should be careful.

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