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Offshore Rig and how it is

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We all know oil is, and potentially we also know where it comes from as well. But do we really understand the whole process there is to make oil possible for our usage? Do we also know the dangers of it? Today, we are going to talk about it. What makes an Oil Rig or what we know as Offshore, how does it work? It is sometimes important for us to know such things as knowledge only then we will be more appreciative of what we have and also be grateful for those who risk their life to get us comfort right when we are at home.

What is an Offshore Rig?

An Offshore Rig is actually the big structure that is erected right in the middle of the ocean that we only see in the movies because it is a rare site for you to actually see one in the middle of the ocean. So that big structure is where the drill is which it will drill into the ocean floor in search of precious petroleum. It will then suck up oil into the storage then wait for the Oil Tankers to transport it back to land. 

How does it work?

Offshore is not an easy job. It takes a lot of people and a lot of man hours in order for the company to be able to get a profit by striking gold. Gold being petroleum. The company will first send some people to first do some digging to find where is the oil first and then after locating it will send equipments including the oil rig set up team to set up the structure and workers will then drill and to store it while waiting for the service of vessel chartering in Malaysia to then send the ship out to the nearby Offshore then to take the petroleum back to shore. After that on shore they will then go through the refinery process to make products like lubricants, petrol, gas, and many more for our use.

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What are the Pros and Cons

Everyone on the Offshore needs to do their job at best as they can to avoid things from happening. Pros of an Offshore is that when it is good, it is very good. The profits and the benefits will show immediately. It is a whole pot of black gold pocket underneath but when something is to be unfortunate, it will cause a very big problem and even endanger the employees on the Offshore Rig. Just like what happened to the BP Deepwater Horizon incident. when the BP petrol caused a leak and it blew up. Also just recently there was also another Oil Rig accident that caused the death of 5 on the Pemex Oil platform. So it is a pot of gold but also a risky one to get to. Of course it is not all that grim as the safety on the Offshore rig is truly an upkeep and it is a part of their safety and regulations hence it is all not that bad working on one. Accidents don’t always happen as safety is always priority on board Offshores.

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