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What Should You Do On Your Anniversary?

Celebrating an anniversary is not something you are obligated to do, but it is one of the things that you can do in order to show gratitude and appreciation to your partner and at the same time celebrating the time where you first started the relationship. Taking a day to reminisce on all of the happy experiences you have had together is a lovely approach to strengthen your relationship.

These ideas can be planned by anyone, be it the boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or even by the children. Some people prefer a night off from kids and family and some people prefer to celebrate it with family members, so you decide which one you would love the most and start planning for it.

1.       Romantic dinner date

This is the most common yet most enjoyable by everyone. For romantic dinner dates, you can choose to cook by yourself or reserve a place at any fancy hotel or restaurants that you like. It depends on your preference. I personally would love it if my partner cooks a special dinner for me because I want to feel the sincerity from that cooking process, till the dinner date part. It will be the most memorable thing in my whole life.

date - What Should You Do On Your Anniversary?
Happy couple cooking healthy dinner together in their loft kitchen at home. Preparing vegetable salad and meet, family weekend, copy space

2.       Recreate your first date

First date is the thing that everyone who is in a relationship would remember their whole life. This is because that is the starting mark of your journey as your marriage or relationship. Consider your options and attempt to recall as much information as possible regarding your first date. Where you were, what you did, what you ate, what you wore, and what you said are all included. This activity will give you butterflies all over again, no matter how long you have been together. Because both of you may discuss your greatest experiences as a pair when you first met, this date idea is also an excellent conversation starter.

3.       Spend a night together

Spending your night together as a couple, without the interference of your work task, children and boring things will surely make the most of it. During that time, there are actually lots of things that you can do such as watch your favourite movies, dance to your favourite songs, have a sensual sex or maybe talk about your feelings after all those years of being together. If you have a plan to spice up your night a bit more after years of marriage or relationship, you can check out the best vibrator online in Malaysia and use it during your sexual activities.

4.       Do a couple spa

The main intention of going to a spa is to make sure that your body is relaxed and so that you can spend your time together by doing things that will calm your heart and mind. You can choose either to book a spa or create your own spa session at home and I think the latter is better. You will be able to spend your whole time from the morning to the middle of the night massaging and talking to each other about a lot of things. That, at the same time will make your relationship stronger and better. 

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