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The Top Jobs In Malaysia

Looking for a job in Malaysia?

Graduating from college, earning a degree and receiving a diploma makes one feel both exhilarated and anxious. On one hand, it is exhilarating because, after some years of studying, you are finally done and is officially a degree holder. On the other hand, it is anxiety-inducing because as a fresh graduate, you will be leaving the confines of the Academe and will be entering the world of employment. These are perfectly normal feelings for someone entering a new stage in life.

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However, graduation is not the end of the road, it is actually just the beginning of a longer and bumpier one ahead. For that reason, a little assistance in choosing your next step will hopefully go a long way. To help you towards a secured future, here are five of the most in-demand jobs in Malaysia.

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The best-paying jobs in Malaysia are:

To begin, the first top career choice is as a Cyber Security professional. This may be a mouthful of words but it is definitely worth it. From its title, this job combines information technology and security to ensure safety and security by providing much needed technical expertise and services to both the public and private sector. Given that almost all companies are digitizing databases, the demand to secure sensitive information is a top priority, thus this career choice is a high responsibility and high demand career path.

The next choice is becoming an Industrial Engineer. Unlike other engineering graduates, Industrial Engineers focus on developing integral processes and procedures that ensure the optimal operation of business systems. In view of this, more and more companies hire the services of Industrial Engineers to ensure efficient and cost-effective operations.

Another top choice is as a Financial Planner. As people become more financially literate, the demand for Financial Planners also increase. As the name implies, Financial Planners design sound financial plans and ensures that the corresponding financial goals are met by clients. With such a service, people are now relying more on Financial Planners for their financial goals.

This video explains what a financial advisor does:

Another top choice is becoming a University Lecturer. In the field of Academe, University Lecturers are vital professionals that design, develop and deliver educational materials in a variety of platforms. As subject matter experts, they are in charge of creating course materials and curriculums which they also deliver to their target audience. Due to the steady flow of students and the development in the various fields of study, University Lecturers has become a crucial part of learning institutions.

Lastly, the final top choice is becoming a Tax consultant. Since tax is one of the few constants in everyone’s life, it is not surprising that Tax Consultants are in demand. As an overview, Tax Consultants are the go-to professionals for determining financial situations, preparation of requisite tax declarations and other related services. For this very reason, Tax Consultants are sought after individuals in almost all types of business.

On the whole, the Malaysian job market is open to wide ranging career options. The list above is meant to give beginners an idea on the current jobs on high demand. When you go to Kerija.my, you’ll get to find all of these jobs. As for those pursuing different career paths, no need to despair because job demands continuously change. Remember that the best career for you is the career of your choice.

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