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The Dangers of Fatty Liver

Liver is the central organ of lipid metabolism in our body, while fatty liver refers to the pathological changes caused by excessive fat accumulation in liver cells due to various reasons. Malaysia has the highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia, thus fatty liver has certainly reached an epidemic proportion in Malaysia. Alcoholism, obesity, high blood cholesterol, diabetes etc. are the common causes of fatty liver.

fatty liver 1 - The Dangers of Fatty Liver

Even though fatty liver disease is reversible with early diagnosis and prompt treatment, severe cases can also bring irreversible damage. Let’s have an understanding about the dangers of fatty liver.

Firstly, it may cause liver failure. Massive accumulation of fat in liver cells causes necrosis and the liver function is then being damaged. When the fatty liver disease develops into cirrhosis, a serious consequence of liver failure, the person can be killed if he or she is untreated. Secondly, fatty liver may cause diabetes. Once our livers are damaged, the metabolism of various hormones in our body will also be affected to some extent. Thus, insulin production is disrupted and causes our blood glucose level to be uncontrolled. Continuously high blood glucose levels in some period of time can lead to diabetes.

In addition, it may cause hypertension. The accumulation of fat affects blood circulation, causes elevated blood lipids or hardening of the blood vessels. Then, it may lead to hypertension. Hypertension and diabetes are chronic diseases, which can lead to other chronic diseases. Other than that, fatty liver may weaken our immune function. Liver works as a vital organ that maintains energy metabolism. If it was damaged, our body’s normal metabolism may be affected, slowing down our blood circulation and metabolism. Also, the weakening of digestive function causes the reduction of the amount of food ingested in our body, resulting in the lack of timely supplementation of required nutrients. If a human body suffers in this state for a long time, it will weaken our immune capacity.

Consequently, if you are diagnosed with fatty liver disease, please actively cooperate with the treatment. Mostly for those with mild symptoms, you can also achieve the purpose of recovery through diet control, with the attention given to the habit of smoking and drinking. But for those serious cases, liver transplantation may be needed to get a whole recovery.

Although Malaysia’s medical industry is at a high speed of development, Malaysians do not really seem to pay high attention to their health. Lack of health consciousness may cause one to suffer from several diseases when he or she is aging. Fortunately, more and more young people realize the importance of health and begin to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do regular physical check-ups. If you are in an emergency need of related medicine, you can get the medicine for fatty liver in Malaysia easily, as minor diseases should be treated early under self-supervision.

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