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Some Important Facts about Video Digital Marketing

When it comes to Republic Malaysia Digital Marketing, incorporating a video is among those at the top. According to statistics, marketing via videos is getting more popular and becoming more effective. It seems that most of the global consumers nowadays are more sophisticated and pure writings are not enough for them anymore. Besides, it has been said that people can remember things more often if they see them in videos compared to if they just read them. This is also the reason why websites with videos are now considered as most viewed like youtube and many others. 

And so, if you are planning right now for the marketing strategy of your business, you should incorporate a video. Take note that you are in a competitive environment thus it is very important to incorporate some effective tools if you want to attract more consumers. 

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Just to give you insights about marketing videos, here are some of their facts:

  • Undeniably, youtube is in the second spot when it comes to search engines and that is for the worldwide category. It only shows that video production is definitely in trend. 
  • According to a trusted association, about 80% of the people they interviewed still remember the videos they have viewed for the last 30 days or so. This is just another proof that videos are most of the time bookmarked involuntarily in our minds especially if they are created interestingly. 
  • Videos are said to be equipped with more ingredients like 50% times more to be on top of the most popular search engines compared to websites with purely writings. 
  • Corporate videos are never boring as the average one will only last for about 3.5 minutes. Thus they will not take so much time from the consumers’ hectic schedules. 
  • Another amazing fact is that for a one minute video, it is equivalent to 1.8 million words! Wow, that is really something and that is according to the experts. 
  • It is said as well that about 100 million internet users are watching videos every day, and to think that there are more of them who are actually looking for some brilliant advices as to what to use or what to buy. 

After knowing these facts, surely you are motivated now to incorporate a video production as part of your marketing tool. When you plan for a marketing strategy, your goal is to find what interests most consumers the most and here in these fats are the clear answers. 

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