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Sex toys for anal penetration

Anal sex has traditionally been highly controversial – not surprising given that many are used to being guided by images from porn instead of realistic instructions. You have already been told you where to start if you are thinking about the appropriate practice in the company of a partner or partner, and now decided to understand the range of sex toys over the kedai alatan seks that can be used for anal penetration, and what to remember when choosing and using them.

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Remember that the first and foremost rule of any anal penetration is a sincere and free desire: you are absolutely not obliged to try something, or even more so to endure, because “you need” or because your partner or partner wants it. Otherwise, the choice is yours, but there are many opportunities.

Sex toys for anal penetration can be used alone or paired with a partner (most importantly, do not forget about protection from infections). They are suitable for people of any gender: they will help people with a prostate to stimulate it, people without it add new sensations. Manufacturers often mark separately that a toy is suitable for anal use, but there are those that are specifically designed for this kind of stimulation these include, for example, butt plugs and anal beads. The former can remain inside during sex, providing additional sensations. The latter are most often used also for the effect they provide when they are pulled, for example, to enhance the sensations at the moment of orgasm.

Of course, toys that can be used for anal stimulation are not limited to beads and plugs. We will tell you what to remember when choosing and in the process, and how not to harm yourself in the pursuit of additional sensations.

Use a lot of lubricant

The anus does not produce lubrication, so lubricant is a must for anal use of sex toys. It is best to take one that is specifically designed for anal sex – this stays slippery longer and does not dry out. But it is not necessary, the main thing is that the lubricant is “long-lasting”. Remember that silicone-based lubricants destroy silicone (toys and condoms) – for the same reason, you should not replace special products with oil, petroleum jelly or greasy cream.

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