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Profession of Professional Medical Assistant.

The training course for medical assistants in the Departments of Emergency Medicine is carried out by the Training and Development Division of the Ministry of Health

program hero medical assistant - Profession of Professional Medical Assistant.

Structure of the training program

The training process will last 10 months, 5 days a week (most during the morning, but there will also be afternoon and evening shifts), and will be carried out at two parallel levels: theoretical classes and practical experience. 

In the theoretical part, students will receive relevant knowledge for work in emergency medicine departments, including professional medical content and various administrative issues.

The first five weeks of the course, the classes will take place 4 to 5 days a week, then, the theoretical classes will take place 1 or 2 times a week until the end of the course, in parallel with the practical experience.

Practical experience happens to be an imperative and essential part of the training itself. The practices take place in the hospital where the medical assistant will work. As mentioned above, during the practical training days of theoretical classes will be combined concentrated in the training center, according to the training program that will be delivered to the students at the starting of the course.

Training location

Theoretical training can be taken to learn foundation in science Malaysia, while the practical training will take place in the Departments of Emergency Medicine in hospitals, under the supervision of a tutor from the emergency department and of an instruction team from the Ministry of Health.

Graduate functions

The medical assistants in emergency medicine will assist the doctor in receiving patients, in performing physical analyzes, in various activities and treatments, in the care and treatment of injured patients with complex situations in trauma rooms, in the care and accompaniment of patients and in the management of the treatment of patients according to the instructions of the responsible physicians.

Duties / Responsibilities:

Office duties may include: receiving patients, scheduling appointments, keeping medical records, answering calls, and assuming the responsibilities of billing, collecting, and handling insurance. Medical duties may include: preparing patients before being examined or / and treated, taking blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. They may also include administering medications, assisting the physician during the examination, performing the phlebotomy, clinical laboratory procedures, and electrocardiograms.

Employment opportunities:

A well-trained Assistant can be a great asset to any medical, clinical or dental office. Personnel with strong skills are required in different areas and particularly in medical and dental offices, long-term care facilities and hospitals, not to mention insurance companies.

Career Opportunities:

  • Secretary
  • Nursing License
  • Medical assistant
  • Phlebotomist
  • Specialized Medical Assistant
  • Registered Nursing

Employment Expectations:

Employment for Physician Assistants is projected to grow faster than average as the healthcare industry has expanded due to technological advances in medicine and an increase in older people. The industry expects 23% growth between now and 2024.

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