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Mother Care Essential Products You Should Be Aware Of

When you suffer from heavy legs, sciatica, or low back discomfort throughout your pregnancy, the nursing pillow, maternity pillow, pregnant duffle, or any other term that is close to the truth, you have found your closest friend. During the birth preparation courses, he will be with you at all times. You may use it as a companion during naps and quiet evenings, and it even has the potential to serve as your lover when you no longer know how to arrange yourself for sleep or relaxation. This person will assist you in feeding the baby without injuring your back (the person who is speaking to you has fed a daughter who weighed 7 kg in 9 months and a boy who weighs 7 kg in 3 months, which is quite an accomplishment). 

pregnancy pillow - Mother Care Essential Products You Should Be Aware Of

What you can Find:

You will most likely find out from your midwife or a friend if she is well-intentioned and willing to share some of her secrets with you so that you may continue to be a wonderful future-mom. According to its size, it enables you to breastfeed twins at the same time. It also allows you to nurse your baby after a caesarean section without putting any pressure on the scar that has been left behind. In reality, it is a multi-purpose, multi-functional device that is designed to be environmentally friendly since it is easily adopted by the whole family.

In order for the father to sleep better, have less back discomfort, or just relax in front of the television, It is also much appreciated by the father, who uses it for bottle-feeding. You may also want to use it to reassure your baby in the playpen or on the bed, as a baby bouncer, and to support your toddler when he first learns to sit up. Later on, your kid will recall it since it is often an item to which he becomes attached and to which he loves to comfort himself by resting in it, coiled.

The fancy pregnancy pillow

This 3 in 1 cushion (pregnancy, maternity and breastfeeding) is clever to accompany you at each stage of your maternity. Its 100% Oeko-Tex certified fiber filling guarantees you a product free from any substance that is harmful or dangerous to health. Soft and quiet, it is also very hygienic thanks to its very soft cover which is very easy to remove. Maintenance is quick and effortless since its cover can be machine washed at 30 ° C. Among the lansinoh mother care products this one is essential.

  • And because each mother is different, the nursing pillow is available in three colors, neutral, soft or vitamin color, you just have to choose!
  • The total length of the pregnancy pillow is approximately 160 cm (2 membranes approximately 80 cm long and 22 cm wide).

Nursing pillow: what is it for?

Tea nursing pillow is designed to provide relief to the mother during breastfeeding. Usually placed around mom’s waist, it helps support the arms while she breastfeeds Baby. There are several types on the market: breastfeeding pillows are either padded and fairly firm, or filled with small moving balls. It’s up to you to choose the model that seems most comfortable to you.

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