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Great Options with the Time fibre package Malaysia

You have all the advice to correctly choose the Internet offer that best suits the needs of the tenants who will come to live in your apartment for a short and precise period. These tips can also be applied to owners of the main residence, without a rental plan. If you want to subscribe to the optical fiber, you can check the progress of deployment with maps available on the website of unifi 300mbps

Connect to a website that offers a speed test

  • Perform the flow test simultaneously on several connected devices: computer, digital tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Identify your speed and compare the result obtained with the speed announced by the telephone operator
  • If you notice any problems, you can contact your Internet service provider to identify these connection problems and find suitable solutions.

The speed test aims to know the speed of the Internet connection with several parameters to take into account:

  • Descending speed download speed of an email attachment
  • The ascending speed (upload): speed to send an attachment
  • Ping (Packet INternet Groper): the response time between two machines, measured in ms.

The many speed tests offered on the Internet calculate the speed of high-speed (ADSL) and very high-speed (fiber optic) connections.

However, it is essential to specify that an Internet contract is taken out by the occupant of the accommodation, owner or tenant. Short-term rentals are an exception since in this case, it is up to the owner to ensure his various contracts (energy and box) to guarantee the comfort of the many tenants who will rent his apartment for a short period.

Today, for most companies, the internet and internal network connectivity of the company have become essential for the proper functioning of the activity. Many services depend on an Internet connection and it becomes imperative for companies to benefit from a continuous and therefore secure connection.

What is a backup link for?

A link to c bear or a backup link is a link that is added to the main link to ensure the continuity of the Internet for the unexpected.

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