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Fiber Optic Benefits

Optical fiber offers better results in tasks that require intensive data transmissions such as backups or streaming video transmissions. In addition, the speed is maintained even if you connect several devices at the same time.

Better Video and Sound quality

If your company wants to make video conferences in real-time, fiber optics facilitates the transmission of data in both directions, so that your conversations and video conferences can be seen without interference or cuts.

Four Advantages of Fiber Optic Communications - Fiber Optic Benefits

More security

You probably already know the security dangers in a wireless network.  In a fiber optic one, the intruder is distinguished very effortlessly, with the purpose of theft or intervention in data transmissions happens not to be easy.

Avoid Interference

Unlike wireless networks, which are quite vulnerable to common activities like turning on a microwave or an elevator, fiber optics are immune to electromagnetic interference. So you will avoid speed drop problems, connection cuts, etc.

Better bandwidth

With bandwidth, it means the amount of information that can be sent at the same time. If you connect many computers to a network by coaxial cable, you would get a much lower speed for each one, while with fiber you could connect more equipment without being limited in your options.

High-Speed ​​Data Transmission

The transmission TM Unifi fiber optic data is much faster.  If by cable you can have a speed of 100Mb / s, in a fiber optic you can easily reach 1 Gb / s.

Regardless of the actual speed, this implies a   faster Internet connection, a download of large files in a few minutes, the possibility of making an online backup in minutes, etc.

Why do you need more Internet speed in your company?

To achieve a digital transformation, several key elements are necessary, such as a change of mentality in the entire structure of the company, in addition, having a robust fiber optic network that supports the weight of change, adding value to the business.

Due to multiple data transmission technologies, many companies save operating costs by implementing internet-based services. You can learn more about this if you’re dealing with penetration testing.

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