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Dangers Of An Underground Poker Game

Underground Poker can be defined as poker played on a venue that does not function in compliance with the jurisdiction’s gaming laws.

Many countries and states will not hesitate to give you as punishment a hefty fine and possibly some jail time. So if you ever decide to join or organize games like that, make sure that you know what it really means.

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If you’re playing in someone’s home, participating in a poker game is usually legal – as long as there’s no one outside the players profiting from the game. In other words, most home-poker games are legal in most jurisdictions.

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However this changes when the hosts start charging entry fees or taking profits from each of the games. Poker industries are just plain illegal in some jurisdictions. They’re lawful in others, but you need a license to operate such a company. 

A few options that you must consider before joining or handling an illegal underground poker game are as follows. 


The demand for game integrity is one of the key reasons behind the rise of regulated casinos in places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and tribal reservations in dozens of States.

When you are involved in a shady scene of underground poker, that protection from getting cheated on disappears. At a physical venue with their airtight security, cameras, staff and security are all around to keep an eye on every movement made around the game scene, they know all the bluffs people have made and will hence ensure of a legit game.

In addition , the consequences of cheating in an underground game will often seem lower than those you will get in a supervised game. If you get caught cheating in a supervised place, you will be arrested and possibly be spending some time in jail.

Whereas in an underground poker game, you’re likely to receive physical altercations but you’re most likely not going to have to deal with any law issues.

This is because most of these underground games are illegal and they won’t risk getting in trouble themselves by calling the police.


To make it clear, all of the underground poker games held are illegal. It is almost illegal everywhere in the U.S and subsequently around the world. 

To join these games means you ‘re participating in illegal gambling. You would most likely be arrested and charged with some form of crime if the game is raided. Even as a host you would also be arrested and faced with a whole lot of extra charges of crime. 

Getting Robbed

The most definite danger of this game is of course getting robbed. Backroom poker games are the epitome of thieves having a perfect target. You have a group of people who are unable to call the police, have plenty of cash with them, generally bring expensive jewelry and sometimes drugs, and are concentrated and forced to sit in a set place.

All these details explain why it’s the perfect scene to pull out a robbery without any consequences. 

Whatever concerns you may have about corporate casinos, the chances of experiencing a violent experience in a supervised card club are steadily dwindling.

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