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Covid 19: Why Some People Are Anti Vaxxers

During this pandemic, anti-vaxxer has been the loudest on social media. Their online presence is remarkable and information that is also “misinformation” spreads like wildfire on various social media platforms. They spread misinformation about the ineffectiveness of the virus, Dr. Clo Malaysia, masks, hand washing, and even sanitizers. Being heavily misinformed, brainwashed, and having access to the internet are all deadly combinations. 

A large portion of our country is still facing vaccine hesitancy. This hesitancy has been one of the biggest hurdles of the country when it comes to achieving herd immunity. More and more variants of interests are being born and the rate of vaccination is dropping. It seems like a losing battle because of the number of anti-vaxxers around the world. They have multiplied in numbers ever since the beginning of the mention of the virus. Even before their rollouts and official vaccinations their voices have been amplified. 

Why are so many of them anti-vaxxers and what is the reason for their complete reluctance to get vaccinated against the covid 19 viruses?

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Risk Over Benefits 

In the mind of the anti-vaxxer, the number of risks they get from getting the vaccine is a lot more than the benefit. Few complicated cases like sudden deaths after vaccines have seemed to further consolidate their own thought process. All vaccines and medical aids come with their own form risks but they are built to save lives and reduce the death rate. However, this is not often seen that way. Vaccines are seen as giant shots that carry possibilities of getting autism, disabled, and possibly severe cardiovascular conditions. 

Skeptic About The Pharmaceutical Company 

Many are also critical of the company that created the virus. For example, so many were critical and untrusting of the johnson and johnson covid 19 vaccines because of the manufacturing company. The deep untrust in the company made them refuse to get vaccinated, even if it meant saving their own life. The skeptical nature they have with the brand causes a lot of hindrances to the vaccine rollout. 

Covid 19 As Hoax

Some people simply do not believe the covid 19 is real. They say this is a stunt by the governments to control their citizen and monitor them for the rest of their life. They point out the prolonging nature of the pandemic to support their argument. Anti-vaxxers also say that the variants of the virus are also fake and that it is only a scare tactic to promote the vaccine. They think they are being strong-minded and willful when standing up against scientific and medical facts.

Personality, cultural values, education, and even religious beliefs go into the decision of getting vaccinated. If we grew up mistrusting science all our life, it may be hard to buy into the benefits of getting vaccinated. Seeing no progress with vaccine rollouts and ongoing effects of the severe variants also have fed into their mistrust. The death rate among vaccinated individuals is also another point of argument for anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxxers need proper education and a recognition of their concerns.

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