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Competitive Underwater Activities In Malaysia.

Tired of just going camping and hiking as an outdoor activity? Wanna do something new, maybe some underwater activity? But what can you do underwater besides swimming and splashing?  Here are several lists of underwater activities just for you.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is exactly like riding a scooter except that it is not on road but on water. If you are the person that could read the waves and wind, you can handle the speed and have fun with it. Jet skiing usually takes place on beaches. It has a very invigorating and refreshing feel to it. You can also take part in jet skiing lessons and get trained for the activity. Not only that, but you can also find several places that rent jet skis that also provide packages and jet ski courses.


Malaysia has one of the best waves to surfs, and being a Malaysian why waste the opportunity to do so? You can look like Keanu Reeves from Point Break, surfing and looking flawless while the wind blows through your hair. Around the east coast region in Peninsular Malaysia are not usually recommended for sightseeing for the tourists due to the heavy downpour weather. Usually, this may stop people from visiting these places but here is where surfers flock to get the huge waves and have surfing competitions.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the fast-growing water sports in the world, and Malaysia has become famous for water-based activity. Scuba diving educates you about marine life and you will get to witness the magnificent nature in the underworld. You will be able to view and watch all kinds of colorful chloral and colorful fishes. You java a chance to also see Turtles and Sharks when you are diving in Malaysia.


If you wanna try something more relaxing and yet challenging you should try kayaking around Malaysia’s beaches. Kayaking is also a very tough and active sport, you have to be really fit especially on your arms and legs, this is because kayaking involves you rowing and paddling the boat. This activity differs from the other fast and extreme water-based sports activities. Although kayaking requires you to have a team, you and your team can make your own way to other sites and locations to explore Malaysia’s beautiful treasures.


Besides scuba diving, you can try the current popular underwater sports activity. Wakeboarding is innovative and has come with a number of new skillful ways to ride. Malaysia is a great place to start your thrilling wakeboarding journey. To wakeboard, you need a smooth and yet enough wave blast that challenges your wakeboard activity. You must not miss this extreme and adrenaline-rushing underwater activity that challenges you in all kinds of waves.
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