Look Out Point offers a unique dining experience to visitors. At over 280m above sea level, thousands of patrons enjoy gastronomic delights while gazing at the magnificent view of the Kuala Lumpur Skyline.

The Dangers of Fatty Liver

medicine for fatty liver in malaysia

Liver is the central organ of lipid metabolism in our body, while fatty liver refers to the pathological changes caused by excessive fat accumulation in liver cells due to various reasons.

Building Your Digital Business Brand

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In light of COVID-19 pandemic which has left almost all the countries in the world tainted with the contagious and infectious virus, many are suffering from the aftermath of what this unexpectedly dire situation has caused. To bring you guys back to the traumatic flashback of when the… Read More

Should businesses have high-speed internet?

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The Internet has become essential for companies to carry out their duties and this is especially true for those handling marketing, communication and many others that have to be online a lot of the time. Numerous works are done online nowadays with it being more convenient and safer… Read More

Tips to Improve Your Studying Habits

tips for easier studying 820x447 - Tips to Improve Your Studying Habits

Each semester or each quarter, there comes a period where understudies would need to drop everything and simply center around reading for the finals. There would be no space for the sake of entertainment or celebrating during this time. Finals are one of the significant pieces of school.… Read More

Internet and Modern Education

download 8 - Internet and Modern Education

With the rapid growth of the Internet, it is now widely used for educational purposes as well as for gathering information and research on any topic. In this modern age, the Internet is one of the most useful technologies that help us not only in daily life but also in business

Learn About The Pilates Benefits

PILATES V High Resolution 329 820x547 - Learn About The Pilates Benefits

Pros Of Pilates We are always advised to workout regularly to stay healthy. Yes, and not only that, but it is also a must to stay functional. You see, as you become older, the functions of your body that you must have taken for granted will not be… Read More

How To Have The Right Property For You

13 820x547 - How To Have The Right Property For You

Choosing The Right Property Getting a property sure is something energizing. It is one of the fantasies of many. Numerous individuals would need to have their own property, however, not all can get one. Getting a property gives one a huge amount of astonishing advantages, that any individual… Read More

The Top Jobs In Malaysia

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Looking for a job in Malaysia? Graduating from college, earning a degree and receiving a diploma makes one feel both exhilarated and anxious. On one hand, it is exhilarating because, after some years of studying, you are finally done and is officially a degree holder. On the other… Read More

How To Stay Focused In An Online Class

university college student ss 1920 800x450 1 - How To Stay Focused In An Online Class

Online Class Tips Are you planning to take an online class? I am pretty sure you have that thought or you won’t be here. The good thing with online classes these days is they also have variations now. Yes, they offer different courses and if you happen to… Read More

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