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Can We All See It Now? Internet has Become a Necessity

This should sound surprising to no one, yet modern lifestyle has grown around internet connection to the point where it is no longer a luxury, but a need. Like electricity, water source, food source and even could be included into the basic need list of human beings during this modern age. We formerly lived without the internet, but life with each of these things is so much superior to life without them that we come to an agreement that everyone should have them. Regardless of age, intelligence, and status, everyone needs the internet at some point of their lives. In reality, for things like public health, public safety, and economic success, we are better off individually and socially when everyone has access to these technologies. If there was any leftover question as to how crucial internet connection is, then the current coronavirus outbreak should have proven it. Early everyone who is still able to accomplish their employment from home is doing it over the internet. Nearly every institution, whether previously capable of transitioning to distant learning or not, is working at a dizzying rate to guarantee students can engage with their lecturers and access their study materials online to carry on their studies.

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The recent  pandemic has highlighted the importance of the internet in various aspects such as education and also the working world. The internet that we rely on everyday acts as a channel between those aspects to ensure a smooth connection is made. So, if you’re reading this, chances are you are not one of the unfortunate ones who does not have internet accessibility. Malaysia is a nation that is still growing and on the verge of modernization, however, it suffers where it fails to offer this wonderful service to its citizens for free or for a cheaper price. It is time to acknowledge the fundamental relevance of internet connectivity for all Malaysians. It is time to put the same importance on internet connection as we place on electric electricity, clean water, and paved roads. Each is necessary to a healthy and functioning society, which is why we expend tremendous cost to spread the availability of these essentials throughout the country. And why we secure their safety, dependability, and affordability for all Malaysians via rules and government monitoring.

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To be sure, the double issues of how to offer and manage inexpensive internet access to all Malaysians are challenging and costly, but not impossible. And neither issue will be handled by the sector, which is why they should be tackled by the government. From kids to grown adults could benefit from this move. An affordable internet plan could ease the burden of the citizens by fractions. There’s no denial that some schemes do exist but it’s just that not enough consideration is given to other aspects such as research and development for automobiles, agriculture and many more. 
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- Can We All See It Now? Internet has Become a Necessity
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