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Avoid Doing This In Social Media

We’ve heard of all kinds of scams appearing since more and more people have gotten into social media. Some have even mentioned that these scammers take their scamming to a whole new level to ensure that more and more people fall into their traps. It’s been revealed, the people these scammers target have stemmed from their social media accounts. If you’ve been flaunting your cash and goods on social media, you’d might want to stop that now because if you’re not careful enough you just might be the next victim. So, to avoid having another victim, we’ve compiled some things you shouldn’t do on social media.

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First, never let your location be known. Your location is sacred information. We might not be aware about our location being automatically known at times. Our phones have location button on our dashboards and if we press them on, it gives us focused searches which will be more relevant to our area and not from a different country. However, if you post or tag your location wherever you go, stalkers might become your reality as that is how they catch their victims. Stalkers are known to visit strangers accounts to access where they hangout the most. This will allow them to follow the victim everywhere they go.

Next is to post pictures of your home, cars and keys. It’s typical of people to post pictures of the keys to their new homes. It might be cool to flash your new BMW online at your Instagram page. You might not realise it but your car number plate might have been visible too. This would allow for people to misuse the car number plate info. Furthermore, you should also avoid posting photos of your home and the street you live in as a precautionary measure. The place you live is a private place for you and your family. If you post a photo of your home with the number on it, The stalker might recognise your home and rob you. Most people do this to themselves without realising that they are self-baiting themselves for robberies.

Next, you must avoid talking to strangers you do not know about on social media. The wonder of social media is that you can talk to anyone you like whenever you want. However, if the other person is not a real person or even worse a scammer means that you’re going to be severely endangered. Macau scammers often approach their prey via social media and promise them luxury and high return investments if they try it. This is not as what it turns out to be as many would not get their money and even worse be scammed of their entire savings sometimes. These scammers prey on old and gullible  people as they are not familiar with the internet and how it works. They also do not understand that they are not supposed to share their TAC with anyone else.

Social media companies have tried to reduce the scams occurring by imposing policies such as reporting fake accounts and such. You can click here for the best social media companies Malaysia to ensure whether they prioritise your safety beyond anything else.

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