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A Quick Guide To Beginners’ Blogging 

The blogging industry is a massive enterprise generating millions of dollars annually. The most successful bloggers can earn more than seven-figure salaries yearly, making it a highly lucrative industry for enthusiastic individuals. However, the money does not come easy. There is plenty of advice to heed before unlocking the monetary rewards of blogging. While money can be a great incentive, you should also find passion in your content. If you are starting your blog today and need a bit of help to get you started, this guide will offer you a few basic tips for your consideration. 

Research You Want To Write About

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The first and most important point is to have something to write about. Passion is a good driving force, so look for a topic or subject that interests you and can challenge you. For some it is cinema, and others it is fashion. We’ve experienced an explosion in finance writers and digital media bloggers who enjoy writing on different aspects of their profession. You can freestyle and write on whatever catches your eye, but tying down a loyal audience may become difficult because readers want to have a dependable source of information on specific topics. Don’t let this dissuade you, especially if you aim to become a lifestyle blogger. The disarray of life is what many people enjoy reading, so this may suit you. Look up what other bloggers do on their blogs; their writing styles and aesthetics and be inspired by them.

Choose Your Preferred Platform

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There are several blogging sites to choose from, but currently, the most popular is the site-builder WordPress. It is a large base with millions of users creating their sites for business, for blogging and other uses. This is also influenced by the kind of blogger you want to be and your preferred medium. Lifestyle bloggers often prefer to interact with their followers through video content, so many of them resort to using YouTube. Instagram is popular for photographers, activists and videographers specialising in short video content. While these platforms do integrate all three, they each emphasise one medium more than the other. This will also help you find a targeted niche and the most enthusiastic audience for your work. However, you can choose to link your sites together so that your blog can have a wider reach. Therefore if you have a WordPress blog, it allows you to connect with your Instagram blog, your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for maximum engagement.

Make Your Blog Attractive

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Regardless of the format of your blog, it needs to be captivating and inviting to people. Choose a fitting theme that can make certain parts of your blog prominent to pique the curiosity of on-lookers. WordPress offers several different themes to pick from and a colour palette of your choosing, depending on the theme. If you prefer Instagram, it is beneficial to use an aesthetic which makes your content visually appealing. Young people, especially, chase the visual appeal of content as much as (or even more so) than the written content. So if you want your work to stand out, implement a fun pattern. It does not have to be intricate, as many choose to post in black and white, while others add a specific filter to give their blog uniformity. Experiment with filters, fonts and background images. Add in pictures, GIFs, short videos. These can boost your content, make it easier to read and keep it tidy and well-spaced.

Grow Your Readership

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Increasing your readership, viewership or audience on any blog is a difficult step. It is disheartening when you passionately write content but it appears that nobody is interested in what you have to share. Sometimes, it requires a bit of a nudge in the right direction. This is where local SEO Malaysia comes into play. SEO can be implemented through hashtags, categories and alternative text for images. WordPress offers these services for a subscription and it is highly beneficial if you want to monetize your content, too. Plugins like Yoast offer a careful guide to optimize your content so that it reaches the right people at the right time. Consistency is key to keeping your content consumers loyal to your blog. Keep your content high-quality and engaging with language that is easy to understand. 

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