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6 Ideas To Optimize Storage In Your Kitchen

Optimizing storage in your kitchen is very important in these times in which environments are getting smaller and smaller. In turn, the number of pots, pans, utensils and products has increased significantly.

Being able to organize and give each object its place brings better performance and avoids wasting time searching for items throughout the kitchen.

How to improve storage in your kitchen?

With simple eco friendly reusable food containers ideas, but at the same time very ingenious, we suggest you increase the space and give more than one functionality to furniture or places that are unused.

Attention should be paid to all walls, furniture, and those spaces above doors and windows. Everything can be of use.

food containers jan022020 min - 6 Ideas To Optimize Storage In Your Kitchen

1. Accessory table

First of all, a small table, which can be placed in a corner and can be easily moved, is an excellent option for putting large, handy appliances on it. If you have one or two shelves, much better, since it can be used to store more objects and utensils. In addition, decorated boxes can be made to store smaller items.

2. Shelf over the sink

The place above the sink taps can be used for storage in your kitchen, as it is quite spacious. On it you can place a metal shelf and put the sponge, detergent and some other accessory there.

In addition to being handy, you can add some decorative elements to make that area look.

3. Shelves and shelves

A shelf can be placed on each free wall and thus make better use of the space.  Take into account all spaces, for example, above windows, countertops or under cabinets. In addition, you can do them yourself, since there are many techniques with materials that are at hand:

With wood and two ropes nailed to the wall.

If you have a ladder that you don’t use, place a piece of wood on each rung and you will have a new piece of furniture with several shelves.

With a vegetable drawer, easily found in any store, nailed to the wall.

4. Hanging bars

A great idea to optimize storage in your kitchen is to place a metal bar in a free wall space and put metal hooks on it.

Cutlery and all kinds of kitchen utensils can be hung on them. Anything that has a hole for the hook to pass through can be hung there. It is decoratively beautiful and is super useful.

5. Pantry doors

The pantry doors can be used if we put in them accessories to store objects. Normally between the doors and the shelves of these there is a couple of centimeters that can be used for the following:

Large hooks for  hanging brooms, mops, dustpans and shovels.

Small hooks for hanging utensils.

Small shelf  to place, for example, the lids of the pots.

Shelf with a metal fastener to store tables and  trays .

6. Hooks on cupboard ceilings

Metal hooks can be attached and attached to the ceilings of cabinets. They screw easily into wood.

Cups and cups can be hung there. They always take up a lot of space and get messy. Well, this idea will help them to be in order and vacate an important space.

Freestanding pantry shelves - 6 Ideas To Optimize Storage In Your Kitchen
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