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4 Types Of Cloud Storage For You To Save All Of Your Data

We all have multiple pictures, videos, and audios that are too important for us to delete. But having thousands of pictures and videos on your phone can sometimes make the software of your phone heavy thus your phone will constantly hang. I cannot lie, it is annoying when you are scrolling Twitter reading about current issues and your phone is suddenly stucked. And it will say that no space is left in your phone and you have to delete some of the memorable pictures. 

images - 4 Types Of Cloud Storage For You To Save All Of Your Data

That is probably one of the most annoying scenarios that everyone has been through in their life, well nowadays with the existence of cloud storage we no longer need to delete pictures and videos and other important stuff from our phones. We can just easily transfer them to the clouds and delete them from our phones. This way we can keep our phone in great condition and still have all of those important pictures and videos. There are many different types of cloud storage provider in Malaysia, that we can discover. There are free ones with a limited amount of storage and there are some that we need to pay for an unlimited amount of storage.  

Here are 6 types of cloud storage that we can use, to save all of those important data, pictures, and videos. 

Google Drive 

We all use Google every day in our lives and to be honest, Google has answer tons of our questions even the most ridiculous question they managed to provide an answer to us. Not only that, Google has many functions and one of them is Google Drive a storage cloud that allows us to save our pictures, videos, presentation slides, and others. Google Drive also gives us free 15GB that we can use to save all of our important data. If we accidentally deleted them, don’t worry Google Drive has a backup system and you can restore the data before 30 days. 

Microsoft Onedrive 

We are all familiar with Microsoft Office and how to use them, but Microsoft also has its own cloud storage that we can use. They provide us a 5GB of free cloud storage to store away all of our music, pictures, videos, and others. It will sync all of our files folder and it will immediately backup our pictures and videos online. 


Every Apple user must know about this feature in their Apple products. This cloud storage is specifically made for Apple users only and it will immediately save all of our pictures and videos. All Apple users need to do is sign up for their Apple ID and they will get free 5GB of storage. 


Many people are starting to recognize this cloud storage provider. It saves all of our data from every application on the phone, sync all of our files and it is really easy and simple for everyone to use it. They also have a system where we can share files with different applications.

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