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3 Other Careers You Can Consider In Law

Arbitration is a fascinating sector of the legal world that comes with its own waters to charter and it is one of many. The legal area does not only consist of lawyers, it is a diverse field that caters to different aspects and types of law. Not everybody who studies law becomes a lawyer even though it seems like the next step in the chain of events. In the event that you do wish to study law, here is a list of different careers within law that could be an eye-opener to you and give you the kind of challenge you need. As mentioned, law is multifaceted, and the more you know of the world is eoncompasses, the more options you will have to make an informed decision on the career paths you wish to take. It must be noted that to practise law, most legal sectors require that you pass the bar first. This legitimises you and your qualifications in the eyes of the state and permits you, with the right licence, to bear forth the title you assume.

Human Rights Advocate

With law, you are catered to understanding human rights and how they are infringed upon or violated. With your background, you could work in humanitarian institutes, or with advocacy groups. For many of these, it helps if you have a deep understanding and appreciation for history to understand how the current state of affairs came to be. With the right guidance and hardwork, you could use your law degree to become one of the biggest voices for people without a platform.

Institutional arbitration - 3 Other Careers You Can Consider In Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative dispute resolution, in essence, takes matters between disputing parties and settles them without the assistance of litigation (it is done outside the court). There are three main roles offered including adjudicator, arbitrator and mediator. Institutional arbitration could be perfect for you if you prefer to practise law, but not within the confines of the court. Why ADR is preferred sometimes is because it offers the parties anonymity, it is quick, and it is easier to reach compromises. As an arbiter, an adjudicator or mediator, your role can be in different fields, from civil cases, to adoption, to commercial and business sectors. Whatever interests you can shape your position on matters and help you proceed through with the necessary care.


A solicitor acts as the middleman in legal matters for clients. They give advice to their clients on legal material, making it clear and understandable for them so they make the right decisions. Furthermore, they offer advice on issues. However, to become a solicitor, you do not necessarily require a degree in Law. However, to acquire the right knowledge and the right understanding of the field, you are required to join a legal apprenticeship program. This differs from country to country as many have their own requirements when it comes to law-specific careers.

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